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Sports Channel
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yes (Satellite)
HOT (Cable)
5SPORTChannel 55
5PLUSChannel 56
5GOLDChannel 57
5LIVEChannel 58
5STARSChannel 555
5SPORT 4KChannel 556
5SPORTChannel 55
5PLUSChannel 56
5GOLDChannel 57
5LIVEChannel 58
5STARSChannel 59
5SPORT 4KChannel 60

Sports Channel (Hebrew: ערוץ הספורט, Arutz HaSport), also known as the Sport 5 (Hebrew: ספורט 5, Sport Hamesh) is an Israeli television company. Available on cable (via HOT) and satellite (via yes), the company has six channels which are devoted to sport.

Old logo of the company

Main and Subsidiary channels[edit]


In 1990, the channel first aired as the Sports Channel in channel 5, from whence its name is derived.


In 2001, the subscription fee based channel 5PLUS was created as Sport 5's first subsidiary channel with content such as (cut down international versions of) WWE Raw and WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Since then, 5SPORT has lost almost all of its notable content,[1] though it is still used to show UEFA Champions League matches in tandem with 5PLUS channel.

5LIVE and 5GOLD[edit]

In March 2007, the company launched two new channels, 5LIVE (for live sport) and 5GOLD (repeats of classic sports action). The new channels were met with great criticism from viewers complaining about even more loss of content in favor of pay channels.[citation needed]

5SPORT HD[edit]

On December 23, 2007, Sports Channel launched a Fifth channel – 5SPORT HD. The channel, aired UEFA Champions League, the NBA Playoff games and Wimbledon tournament.

In addition to current content, the channel also broadcast games from the 2008 Summer Olympics and 2012 Summer Olympics. Also, it was announced that starting next season the channel will introduce formula 1 racing. 5SPORT HD is available for both yes HD and HOT HD customers.

5SPORT 3D[edit]

On April 2011, Sports Channel launched their sixth channel – 5SPORT 3D. The channel broadcast matches in 3D. In September 2011, the channel was shut down due to low demand and was defined as a channel that was ahead of its time.


5SPORT 4K[edit]

Broadcasting rights[edit]

The company broadcast some games (only few in each)


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