Sport Club Americano

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Full nameSport Club Americano
Founded21 May 1903
Dissolved1916; 104 years ago (1916)
GroundVelódromo Paulistano, São Paulo, São Paulo state, Brazil

Sport Club Americano, commonly known as Americano, was a Brazilian football club from Santos, São Paulo state. They won the Campeonato Paulista twice.


The club was founded on May 21, 1903.[2][3] From 1911 to 1916, Americano did not lose a single game, they played 23 games, won 15 and drew the other eight.[3] They won the Campeonato Paulista in 1912, and in 1913. After competing in the Campeonato Paulista for the last time in 1916, the club stopped its activities.



Sport Club Americano played their home games at Velódromo Paulistano.[2] The stadium had a maximum capacity of 10,000 people.[1]


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