Šport TV (Slovenia)

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Šport TV
Type Broadcast, television and online
Country Slovenia
Owner Šport TV - ASPN d.o.o.
Key people
Tilen Trotovšek
Launch date
October 14, 2006
Official website

Šport TV (English: Sport TV) is Slovenia's first sport only public broadcasting channel. Based in the country's capital, Ljubljana. Television was launched on October 14, 2006.

This television is broadcasting different sports soccer, basketball, ice hockey, american football, volleyball, golf, car racing, extreme sports, martial arts etc. It also offers different magasins about sport and sport lifestyle.

TV channels[edit]

  • first channel: Šport TV 1 (Š1)
  • second channel: Šport TV 2 (Š2)
  • third channel: Šport TV 3 (Š3)

Broadcasting competitions[edit]

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