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Association Sport et Citoyenneté (Sport and Citizenship)
MottoSport serving society
FormationApril 2007
Legal statusEuropean Association under Belgian and French law
PurposeThink, Inform, Advise and Organize
HeadquartersAngers France/ Brussels Belgium
Laurent Thieule

Sport and Citizenship was founded in 2007 and is the first European think tank in the field of sport. It is a forum for new thinking and lobbying whichs aims to put forward the core values of sport in society, in the realm of politics, economics and media issues.

In the pursuit of multidisciplinary and transverse reflection, it brings together associations, federations, politicians, sportpeople, and academics to enable an exchange of views and an analysis of policies at both European and national member state level.

To achieve its goals Sport and Citizenship relies on its scientific committee, gathering about one hundred European scientists considered as experts in their field. These experts regularly meet and collaborate on roundtable events, conferences and symposia as well as the think tank's quarterly review, and its thematic special publications.

The journal[edit]

Each quarter a bilingual scientific journal on sport is published by the think tank exploring an important theme of society. Past issues have covered "Sport and Health" ; "Sport and European law" ; "Women and Sport" ; "Sport and Sustainable Development" ; "Sport and Social inclusion" ; "Sport, Ethics and Economics" ; "Sport, Volunteering and active Citizenship" ; "Sport Governance in Europe" ; "Sport and European Identity" ; "Sport and Media" ; "Sport and Disabilities" .

Next issues[edit]

  • European identity through sport
    September 2013
  • Integrity and the Values of Sport
    December 2013
  • Sport and Disability in Europe
    March 2014
  • Sport and Corruption
    June 2014
  • Sport and Sustainable Development
    September 2014

The roundtables[edit]

The association also organizes and takes part in roundtables and conferences which deal with citizenship through sport across Europe:

  • 24 January 2012 "Favoriser l'émergence d'une identité européenne grâce au sport : réalité ou utopie ?", with Tony Venables, Vincent Chauvet Fondation Hippocrène, Paris.
  • 7 May 2010: International Conference "Europe, Football & Regulations", University Paris Descartes, Paris
  • 17 April 2010: Round table « European Citizens: Participate! », 3rd Edition of the Europe Forum, Strasbourg
  • 14 April 2010: Intervention of Michel Platini on the occasion of the Plenary session of the Committee of the Regions, Brussels
  • 8-9–10 March 2010: 2nd Edition of the Global Sports Forum, Barcelona
  • October 2009: Participation to the « World Congress on active cities », ISCA, Copenhagen
  • January 2009: Organization of a round table "Sport and Women: what is at stake for Europe", UEFA, The Center and the European Parliament, Brussels

Special Publications[edit]

Sport and Citizenship also publishes more substantial thematic studies which constitute a more in-depth analysis of a given topic. These include:

  • The organisation of sport in the member states of the European Union
    June 2013
  • Encouraging the emergence of a European identity through sport: reality or utopia?
    July 2013
  • Women, Sport and Media Coverage in Europe
    November 2013

The Board of Directors[edit]

  • President: Laurent Thieule
  • Vice Presidents: Vincent Chaudel and Marie-Cécile Naves
  • Secretary General and Treasurer: Nicolas Gyss
  • Deputy Secretary General: Raymond Froumenty
  • Director: Julian Jappert

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