Sporting de Gijón B

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Sporting de Gijón B
Real Sporting de Gijon.svg
Full name Real Sporting de Gijón B
Founded 1960
Ground Mareo, Gijón,
Asturias, Spain
Ground Capacity 3,000
Chairman Antonio Veiga
Coach José Alberto López
League 2ª B – Group 2
2016–17 3ª – Group 2, 1st (promoted)

Real Sporting de Gijón B is a Spanish football club based in Gijón, in the autonomous community of Asturias. Founded in 1960 it is the reserve team of Sporting de Gijón, and currently plays in Segunda División B – Group 2, holding home games at Escuela de Fútbol de Mareo.

Unlike the English League, reserve teams in the Spanish football league system play in the same football pyramid as their senior team rather than a separate league. However reserve teams cannot play in the same division as their senior team.

Reserve teams are also no longer permitted to enter the Copa del Rey. In addition only under-23 players, or under-25 players with a professional contract, can switch between senior and reserve teams.


La Camocha[edit]

Sociedad Deportiva La Camocha was founded in 1955, joining the Royal Spanish Football Federation two years later. On 30 July 1966, the team signed an agreement to be affiliated with Real Gijón as their reserve team.

The following year, La Camocha's rights in Tercera División were acquired by Gijón and the team was renamed Club Atlético Gijón, being relegated to Primera Regional after three seasons.[1]

Sporting Gijón B[edit]

Sporting de Gijón B was founded as Club Deportivo Gijón in 1960. Because the club started in the lowest level in Asturias, Segunda Regional, Real Gijón used other clubs to promote its youth players such as La Camocha. In 1970, La Camocha was replaced by Deportivo Gijón as sole affiliate after both clubs were to start in Primera Regional.[1] La Camocha eventually became an independent club and was renamed Atlético Camocha Sociedad Deportiva.[2][3] Deportivo Gijón finished as runner-up in 1971–72 and lost the promotion play-off to C.D. Acero 3–8 on aggregate,[4] promoting to the fourth level two years later after winning the regional league.[5]

In the following decades, Sporting B fluctuated between division four and Segunda División B, first reaching the latter in 1979–80, but being immediately relegated. In 1991, it first reached the promotion playoffs in the category, repeating the feat in 1996 and 1997, but consecutively falling short.

In early July 2011, despite finishing 19th in the third division table, with the subsequent relegation, Sporting B was reinstated in the category by buying the vacant place left by the administrative relegation of Universidad de Las Palmas CF.[6]

Club background[edit]

  • Club Deportivo Gijón (1960–79)[1]
  • Sporting de Gijón Atlético CF (1979–91)
  • Sporting de Gijón B (1991–)

Season to season[edit]

Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1966/67 5 2ª Reg. 1st
1967/68 4 1ª Reg. 3rd
1968/69 4 1ª Reg. 2nd
1969/70 4 1ª Reg. 2nd
1970/71 4 1ª Reg. 11th
1971/72 4 1ª Reg. 2nd
1972/73 4 1ª Reg. 8th
1973/74 4 Reg. Pref. 1st
1974/75 3 11th Second round
1975/76 3 8th Third round
1976/77 3 15th First round
1977/78 4 2nd First round
1978/79 4 1st First round
1979/80 3 2ªB 17th First round
1980/81 4 1st
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1981/82 3 2ªB 12th First round
1982/83 3 2ªB 16th
1983/84 3 2ªB 13th
1984/85 3 2ªB 10th
1985/86 3 2ªB 16th First round
1986/87 4 4th
1987/88 4 2nd
1988/89 4 1st
1989/90 3 2ªB 11th
1990/91 3 2ªB 12th
1991/92 3 2ªB 3rd
1992/93 3 2ªB 14th
1993/94 3 2ªB 12th
1994/95 3 2ªB 5th
1995/96 3 2ªB 1st
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1996/97 3 2ªB 1st
1997/98 3 2ªB 8th
1998/99 3 2ªB 7th
1999/00 3 2ªB 12th
2000/01 3 2ªB 5th
2001/02 3 2ªB 17th
2002/03 4 3rd
2003/04 4 3rd
2004/05 4 5th
2005/06 4 7th
2006/07 4 4th
2007/08 4 2nd
2008/09 3 2ªB 16th
2009/10 3 2ªB 12th
2010/11 3 2ªB 19th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
2011/12 3 2ªB 10th
2012/13 3 2ªB 13th
2013/14 3 2ªB 9th
2014/15 3 2ªB 11th
2015/16 3 2ªB 17th
2016/17 4 1st
2017/18 3 2ªB

Current squad[edit]

As of 20 September 2017

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Cuba GK Cris Sánchez
Spain GK Dani Martín
Spain GK Javi Benítez
Spain DF Adri Montoro
Spain DF Alberto Espeso
Spain DF Carlos Cordero
Spain DF Isma Aizpiri
Spain DF Juan Rodríguez
Spain DF Pelayo Suárez
Spain DF Ramón Riego
Spain DF Víctor Ruiz
Spain MF Ander Alday
No. Position Player
Spain MF Beto Cayarga
Spain MF Cristian Salvador
Spain MF Isma Cerro
Spain MF Jaime Santos
Spain MF Mateo Arellano
Spain MF Nacho Méndez
Spain MF Pedro Díaz
Spain FW Alberto González
Spain FW Claudio Medina
Paraguay FW Joel Sanabria
Spain FW Pablo Fernández
Spain FW Álvaro Traver

Technical staff[edit]

Position Staff
Head Coach Spain José Alberto López
Goalkeeping coach Spain Jorge Sariego
Trainer Spain Rubén Biempica
Delegate Spain Iván Hernández
Physio Spain Sergio Guerrero

Last updated: April 2016
Source: Official website





Sporting de Gijón B play most of its home games at Escuela de Fútbol de Mareo (field 1, also named Pepe Ortiz), which also acts as both the training ground and football academy for the first team. It has a capacity of 3,000 spectators.


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