Sportpark Sloten

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Sportpark Sloten
Full nameSportpark Sloten
LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
Coordinates52°20′20″N 4°48′26″E / 52.33889°N 4.80722°E / 52.33889; 4.80722Coordinates: 52°20′20″N 4°48′26″E / 52.33889°N 4.80722°E / 52.33889; 4.80722
OwnerGemeente Amsterdam
Stadion Amsterdam N.V.
Capacity2,000 seats (matches)
FC Blauw-Wit (since 1965)
ZRC/Herenmarkt (since 1967, resp. 1994)
Amsterdam Crusaders (since 1984)
AHC Quick (since 1989)
De Beursbengels (since 2004)
Nieuw Sloten (since 2004)
Sculpture of J. Ongenae at the entrance of the sportpark.

Established in 1956, the Sportpark Sloten is a large sports complex located on the Riekerpolder at Sloterweg in Amsterdam - Sloten. Surrounding the stadium is an asphalt cycling circuit, 2,5 km in length.[1]


Several sport clubs are tenants of the complex, such as:

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52°20′20″N 4°48′26″E / 52.33889°N 4.80722°E / 52.33889; 4.80722