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SportsML-G2 is an XML news exchange standard of the IPTC, the International Press Telecommunications Council. It optimizes the sharing of sports statistics and information such as schedules, results, standings, team statistics and individual statistics.

SportsML-G2 can contain enough data and metadata to properly organize and describe almost any sporting event statistic. Special add-on modules are available for certain sports that are known for especially complex or rich statistics, such as baseball and American football.

SportsML-G2 and its older sibling SportsML were originally intended for business-to-business data sharing between news agencies, newspapers, sports statistics databases other news-related parties. However, both standards have found a wider audience among sports teams, fantasy sports leagues, historians and other sports data users.

As part of the IPTC G2-standards family, SportsML-G2 is built around standardized building blocks of XML and metadata. These building blocks are reused in other IPTC G2 standards, such as NewsML-G2, so that system programmers can reuse code to handle different IPTC G2 standards.

Versions 2.0 of SportsML-G2 was released in October 2008.

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