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Sport is an organised or unorganised recreation. Today it usually implies competition, usually implies following a specific set of rules, and often means competitive sports and games. Originally in English, sport is leisure, as in hunting or fishing wildlife for entertainment rather than for subsistence or for the market. See sport, etymology and meaning.

Sport or sports may also refer to:


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In biology[edit]

  • A macromutation, traditionally called a sport, notably by Charles Darwin
  • Sport (botany), a part of a plant that shows morphological differences from the rest of the plant, typically as a result of somatic mutation
  • A naturally occurring genetic mutation or a bud sport

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Other uses[edit]

  • Airwave Sport, an Austrian paraglider design
  • Sport (camera), a Soviet 35 mm SLR camera launched in 1937
  • Sportcoat or sports coat, a type of jacket that originated for men's wear in shooting among other outdoor sports
  • Sky Polarization Observatory (SPOrt), a cancelled Italian space observatory
  • Used as a trim for vehicles more-likely having black painted wheels, a spoiler, higher output engine, etc.

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