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Sport is an organised or unorganised recreation. Today it usually implies competition, usually implies following a specific set of rules, and often means competitive sports and games. Originally in English, sport is leisure, as in hunting or fishing wildlife for entertainment rather than for subsistence or for the market. See sport, etymology and meaning.

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  • Sport (Turkmen TV channel)
  • Match! Arena, a Russian high-definition television channel in 2010–2016 operated by VGTRK and acquired by Gazprom-Media
  • Match! Game, formerly known as Sport-2, a Russian television channel in 2012–2016 operated by VGTRK and acquired by Gazprom-Media
  • Russia-2 Sport (launched in 2003), alternatively known as RTR-Sport, a defunct Russian television channel in 2003–2009 operated by VGTRK
  • NTV Plus Sport (launched in 1996), a defunct Russian television channel in 1996–2016



  • Sport (botany), a part of a plant that shows morphological differences from the rest of the plant, typically as a result of somatic mutation
  • Sport, a macromutation, traditionally called a sport, notably by Charles Darwin
  • Bud sport, a naturally occurring genetic mutation

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