Sports Administration

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Sports Administration
Tǐyǜ Shǔ
Agency overview
Formed 1932
Jurisdiction Taiwan (ROC)
Headquarters Zhongshan, Taipei
Parent agency Ministry of Education (Taiwan)

The Sports Administration (SA; Chinese: 體育署; pinyin: Tǐyù Shǔ) is a branch of the Ministry of Education of the Taiwan (ROC).


The Sport Administration was initially established in 1932 as the Sports Council (體育委員會). On 12 January 1998, the Sports Affairs Council (行政院體育委員會) of the Executive Yuan was promulgated. Starting 1 January 2013, the council became the Sport Administration and placed under the Ministry of Education.

Organizational structure[edit]

Political divisions[edit]

  • Planning Division
  • School Physical Education Division
  • Sports for All Division
  • Competitive Athletics Division
  • International and Cross-Strait Sports Division
  • Sports Facilities Division

Administrative divisions[edit]

  • Secretariat
  • Personnel Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Civil Service Ethics Office


The seal of the former Sports Affairs Council consists of three different colors: blue, green, and red. The color blue represents freedom and energy, green represents development, nature, health, and harmony, and red represents passion.[1]

The shape of the seal is combined with three different elements: ume, sun, and human. The ume is used as it is the national flower of the ROC. The sun represents energy and the human represents humanity.[1]

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