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Sports Board Punjab
Founded8 April 1985
AffiliationPakistan Sports Board
Regional affiliationPunjab
HeadquartersLahore, Pakistan
LocationNational Hockey Stadium, Ferozepur Road, Lahore
Other key staffMuhammad Amir Jan
Muhammad Akram Soban
Official website

Sports Board Punjab (or Punjab Sports Board) (SBP) is a sports controlling and organisations board in Punjab, Pakistan. It is running by the Government of Punjab. Its head office is located in Lahore. Its chairman is Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and director general is Muhammad Amir Jan, since October 2017 [1] Constitution of Sports Board Punjab was approved by Governor of Punjab on 8 April 1985 for the development and regulation of sports in the Province of Punjab.[2]


  • To organize, promote and develop sports in the province.
  • To arrange training and coaching programs.
  • To ensure mass participation in sports and games by organizing sports competitions/tournaments in the province.
  • To maintain liaison and coordinate with the Pakistan Sports Board, other provincial sports boards, national and provincial sports associations.
  • To utilize funds provided by the government as grant-in-aid for the promotion of sports, and also release annual/special grants-in-aid to sports associations, committees, clubs and other sports organizations in the province.
  • To register sports associations, hold their elections under the supervision of the board/district sports committees and to act as arbitrator for the resolution of the disputes among the parallel organizations.
  • To provide extension services to the en-service personnel in the form of refresher courses, training and coaching programs, seminars, conferences and workshops etc.
  • To promote and develop sports and games in the province, and lay down the general policy thereof.
  • To ensure establishment of sports complexes at provincial, district and tehsil headquarters, permanent training and coaching centers, sports hostels, reception centers in the province.
  • To exercise overall administrative/functional control over all the stadiums and play fields in the province, and ensure their proper maintenance and utilization.
  • To ensure adequate provision of play fields allied facilities and equipment in the province.
  • To ensure adequate provision of funds of sports and games in the budget of local councils and other institutions and their utilization to the fullest advantage for promotion and development of sports.
  • To organize annual youth competitions of various age groups in different games.
  • To support talent in various games.
  • To provide incentives to prominent sportsmen, promising/deserving players and organizers by granting rewards/ scholarships/ honoria etc.
  • To arrange production of films and publication of literature and establish reading facilities for the promotion and development of sports.
  • To encourage and promote formation of clubs at district and tehsil level.
  • To ensure availability of funds for sports facilities in the industrial/commercial concerns, and to arrange employment for sportsmen in the commercial concerns government/semi government organizations and autonomous bodies etc.
  • To maintain liaison with all central/provincial government, semi government departments/agencies for effective implementation of the policies regarding promotion and development of sports and games.
  • To keep liaison with all district coordination officers / deputy district officers/tehsil/town municipal officers in the province to ensure effective functioning of sports committees and associations for the projection of policies of the Government.
  • To approve the annual budget.
  • To ensure that grants given are utilized for the purpose and in accordance with the objects for which these are given.
  • To do generally all such acts and take such steps as it considers necessary and conducive to achieve its aims and objects.[3]


Sr. # Name Designation
1 Chief Minister Punjab Patron-in-Chief
2 Hamza Shahbaz Sharif,MNA Chairman
3 Muhammad Hanif Abbasi Vice Chairman
4 Secretary Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology & Toourism Department Member
5 Secretary Finance Member
6 Sectetary LG&CD Member
7 member (Colonies), Board of Revenue Member
8 Inspector General of Police Member
9 Secretary Higher Education Member
10 Secretary Schools Education Member
11 Secretary P&D Member
12 Secretary Industries Member
13 Director General/ Managing Director Sports Board Punjab Secretary


Non-Official Members

Sr. # Name Designation
1 Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, MNA Patron-in-Chief
2 01 MPA (to be co-opted by the Chairman) Chairman
3 05 Sports Veterans (to be co-opted by the Chairman) Vice Chairman
4 02 Principals/Instructors of Physical Education Institutions (1 male & 1 female) Member
5 Expert on marketing (to be co-opted by the Chairman) Member
6 Advisor on media (Sports)(to be co-opted by the Chairman) Member




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