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Sports Illustrated Kids
Sports Illustrated for Kids Premier Issue.png
The first issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids, January 1, 1989, showing NBA Superstar Michael Jordan with friends Brad Pielet and Nancy Deller.
Managing EditorBob Der
Staff writers
Managing Editor Paul Fichtenbaum
Managing Editor: Bob Der
Creative Director: Beth Power Bugler
Senior Producer: Paul Ulane
Executive Marketing Director: Eileen Masio
CategoriesSports magazine
First issueJanuary 1, 1989 (1989-January-01)
CompanyMeredith Corporation

Sports Illustrated Kids (SI Kids, trademarked Sports Illustrated KIDS, sometimes Sports Illustrated for Kids) is a monthly spin-off of the weekly American sports magazine Sports Illustrated. SI Kids was launched in January 1989 and includes sports coverage with less vocabulary and more emphasis on humor. The magazine's secondary purpose is to market sports to children.

The first issue featured Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame member and former Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan on the cover.

Sports Illustrated Teen[edit]

Sports Illustrated Teen (SI Teen, trademarked Sports Illustrated TEEN, sometimes Sports Illustrated TEEN Edition) was a bound multiple-page insert within regular monthly issues of SI Kids, written for the older readers of the children's magazine.[1] Its contents featured more statistics, predictions, and in-depth looks at both team-based and extreme sports.[2] Sports Illustrated Teen first appeared in the January 2004 issue, being published until it was cancelled in the March 2010 issue and was replaced with a selected article from Sports Illustrated.

Partnership with Topps[edit]

In March 2006, the Topps company and Sports Illustrated Kids announced a marketing alliance to increase the overall awareness of trading card collecting among kids.[3] The magazine advertises the inclusion of sports cards within every issue.

Magazine contents[edit]

Monthly features include comics, humorous captions of athletics photos, child reporters, and player interviews.

The magazine's recurring mascot is Buzz Beamer, a buzz-cut blond-haired Caucasian boy always in dark glasses. He stars in most of the comics in which he plays a variety of sports and also appears in several flash cartoons on the official website. Buzz is created and drawn by award-winning cartoonist Bill Hinds.

Other works have been published under the magazine title including video games,[4] a television show,[5] and books (such as a sports pop-up book[6]).

The December edition of the magazine features the SportsKid of the Year.

Each issue features a poster that can be torn out of the issue.

Cover history[edit]

Most covers by athlete, 1989–2011

Athlete Number of covers
Michael Jordan 4
Shaquille O'Neal 5

Spot Preview Editions 1989–2011

Issue Title Year Month Special notes
2007 NFL Preview! 2007 September Scouting Reports, Breakout Stars and Predictions
College Football Preview 2007 August The Top 10 We Rank the Best of Everything: Teams, Mascots, Sleepers Heisman Candidates, and More!
2007 Baseball Preview 2007 May
NBA Preview 2006 November
Baseball Preview 2006 April Team Scouting Reports, Players to Watch, and Post-season Predictions
Winter Olympic Preview 2006 February
NBA Preview 2005 November Scouting Reports, Predictions, and Players to Watch.
Pro Football Preview 2003 September Fearless Super Bowl Predictions and Breakdowns of all 32 NFL teams.

Special Editions 1989–2011

Issue Title Year(s) Month(s) Special notes
Athletes Give Back 2011 October Athletes support Breast Cancer (Magazine cover special all pink printing)
The Video Game Issue 2009 October Top 10 Games of the Year and Sneek Peek at the Future of Gaming.
Special Bonus Issue 2007 Winter It's all about Football. 52 Pages on America's Sport.
Special Mega Issue 2006/2007 December/January Bonus: Gotta Get it Guide
Best of the Best 2003 June We pick Who (and what) is Number 1 in Sports.
Best of the Best 2002 May Who rules in almost everything in sports.
Olympic Double Issue 2000 October Featuring guide to 12 days of Olympic action
Winter Olympic Issue 1998 February
Olympic Double Issue 1996 July
Kids Take Over This Issue! 1995 March The entire issue is written by kids.
Summer 1992 Olympic Preview 1992 July
Winter Olympics 1992 February Featuring highlights from the
In Dad's Duds 1991 June Featuring kids of sports stars
Special Extremely Silly Issue 1995 November

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • Won the "Distinguished Achievement for Excellence in Educational Publishing" award 11 times
  • Won the "Parents' Choice Magazine Award" 7 times

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