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Genre sport magazine
Theme music composer Werner Müller
Opening theme Topsy
Country of origin Germany
Original language(s) German
Producer(s) WDR
Location(s) Cologne
Running time 105 min.
Original network Das Erste
Original release 4 June 1961 – present
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Sportschau special from the IFA 2005 in Berlin

Sportschau is a German sport magazine on broadcaster ARD, produced by WDR in Cologne. The magazine started in 1961.[1] In its Saturday' edition the Sportschau shows a summary of the Bundesliga whereas the Sunday' edition reports on the latest sporting events from various sports. The Sportschau is aired on Das Erste and on the regional stations.

Sportschau may – despite the strong efforts of the Pay TV broadcaster Sky Deutschland to postpone the first coverage on Free-to-air late at night - report on Bundesliga in their Saturday' edition in the coming years. Since 2008 the Sportschau begins at 6pm. As there is a contractual agreement that the Bundesliga may only be shown from 6:30pm the program reports about the second and third league in the first half-hour.

Since January 2011 the free Sportschau-App is obtainable for iOS and Android whereby sport news and live ticker are available for mobile devices.

Special broadcast[edit]

The ARD and the second public TV broadcaster ZDF show football matches of the German national football team, DFB-Pokal as well as the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA European Championship, the DTM, wintersports and the Olympic Games in a special edition called Sportschau live.


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