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Spot 1019 is a rock combo from San Francisco, California. The four-piece band specializes in rock tinged with country, blues and punk and had three releases on Frontier Records in the late 1980s, none of which achieved widespread popularity. Spot 1019 played their last show June 2012. David Dondero proclaims his affection for the band in the song "Michael Raines" on the album Live at the Hemlock.


Peter Tripodi, Guitars (large and small)
Jimb Lyons, Bass
Greg Winter, Drums
Joe Sloan, Vocals


  • SPOT1019 (Pitch-a-tent records, 1986; re-released on Frontier Records, 1990)
  • This World Owes Me a Buzz (Pitch-a-tent records, 1988; re-released on Frontier Records, 1991)
  • Still...Again (Frontier Records, 1990)
  • "Nickel Bag of Donuts"/"A Clown of Thorns" (Self-released, 1992)
  • "In Her Satanic Majesty's Secret Service Entrance" (Self-released, 2002)

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