Spouse of the President of China

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Spouse of the President of the People's Republic of China
Peng Liyuan.jpg
Peng Liyuan

since 14 March 2013
StyleMadam / Professor Peng Liyuan
Inaugural holderJiang Qing
Formation27 September 1954
AbolishedJanuary 1975 - December 1982
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Politics of China

The Spouse of the President of the People's Republic of China, also known as the First Lady of China, is the spouse or wife of the President of China. To date there have been 7 women who have been married to the Chinese president while in office.

Role and duties[edit]

The role of the Presidential Spouse is not an official office, as they are not given a salary or official duties. Most spouses have remained very much in the background. However, the current spouse Peng Liyuan has gained public attention through her own independent careers and achievements.

List of spouses of the President[edit]

# Portrait Name Alma mater Birth date Marriage date President Tenure
1 Actress Lan Ping of Shanghai.JPG Jiang Qing Shandong Provincial Experimental Theatre 19 March 1914 20 November 1938 Mao Zedong
27 September 1954 27 April 1959
2 Wang Kwangmei crop.jpg Wang Guangmei Fu Jen Catholic University 26 September 1921 21 August 1948 Liu Shaoqi
LiuShaoqi Colour.jpg
27 April 1959 21 October 1968
He Lianying N/A N/A N/A Dong Biwu
31 October 1968 17 January 1975
Presidency Abolished (1975 — 1982)
3 Lin Jiamei.jpg Lin Jiamei Tong De Medical College 1924 N/A Li Xiannian
Li Xiannian - 1974.jpg
18 June 1983 8 April 1988
Widowed before tenure Yang Shangkun
8 April 1988 27 March 1993
4 Wang Yeping.jpg Wang Yeping Shanghai Foreign Language Institute February 1928 December 1949[1] Jiang Zemin
Jiang Zemin St. Petersburg2002.jpg
27 March 1993 15 March 2003
5 Liu Yongqing.jpg Liu Yongqing Tsinghua University 1940 February 1970 Hu Jintao
Hu Jintao Cannes2011.jpg
15 March 2003 14 March 2013
6 Peng Liyuan.jpg Peng Liyuan China Conservatory of Music 20 November 1962 1 September 1987 Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping Sanya2013.jpg
14 March 2013 Incumbent
Part of a series on the
Politics of China

Spouses of other top leaders[edit]

Spouses of the paramount leaders
Sometimes the spouse of the paramount leaders is also known as First Lady: Han Zhijun (wife of Premier Hua Guofeng) and Zhuo Lin (wife of Deng Xiaoping).
Spouses of the heads of state (1975–1978)
Spouse of the Head of State of China under the 2nd Constitution: Kang Keqing (wife of Zhu De) and Li Gang (wife of Ye Jianying)


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