Správa železniční dopravní cesty

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Správa železniční dopravní cesty
state-owned company
IndustryInfrastructure & Tracks Proprietor, State Administrator
Founded1 January 2003
Area served
Czech Republic
RevenueDecrease CZK 7.0 billion (2010)[1]
Increase CZK -1.5 billion (2010)[1]
Total assetsDecrease CZK 91.4 billion (2010)[1]
Total equityDecrease CZK 58.1 billion (2010)[1]
Number of employees
Decrease 17,200 (31 December 2013)[2]

Správa železniční dopravní cesty (English: Railway Infrastructure Administration) is the national railway infrastructure manager in the Czech Republic. Its main customers include passenger train operator České dráhy and its cargo subsidiary ČD Cargo. SŽDC was founded with the restructuring of ČD from 1 January 2003, but until 2008 much of the operations, maintenance and renewals was contracted back to ČD.[3] SŽDC manage 9,478 kilometres (5,889 mi) of tracks in the Czech Republic[4], all which are main lines and almost all regional lines (except Nová Bystřice - Obrataň narrow gauge line and Šumperk - Kouty nad Desnou line).

In August 2010, SŽDC was ordered to stop work on all infrastructure projects as part of broader government austerity measures,[5] but in September 2010 works were revived for all projects whose contractors agreed to grant a discount against the tender price.[6] In December 2010 the Minister of Transportation Vít Bárta proposed bringing it into a holding company alongside ČD to "make subsidies more transparent".[7]

In 2010 the revenues from rail network usage reached only CZK 4.3 billion, not even sufficient to cover personal expenses amounting to CZK 4.6 billion.[1] The key budget items allowing management and repairs of the rail network were therefore subsidies from the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (CZK 8.2 billion) and from the state budget (CZK 1.8 billion).[1] Moreover, SŽDC received CZK 15 billion for modernization of the rail network.[1]

In 2012, SŽDC started its largest ever infrastructure project; a new railway line between Plzeň and Rokycany, expected to cost 7.53 billion CZK (with 85% funding from the EU). It is expected to be completed in Spring 2015. The new railway would be 14.1 km (8.8 mi) long, with a 4.15 km (2.58 mi) twin-bore tunnel.[8]

Priority projects[edit]

Railway network in the Czech Republic

Priority projects for 2012-2015 are:[9]

The European Union will provide most of the funding for these projects.


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