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For the New Zealand river, see Spray River (New Zealand).

The Spray River is a tributary of the Bow River in western Alberta, Canada.

The Spray River originates in the southern area of Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies and flows north between the Spray Valley Provincial Park and the Bow Valley Wildland. The Spray River Reservoir and Goat Pond are formed along this section of the river, and the scenic Smith Dorrien Trail (part of the Kananaskis Trail system) runs along. The river then flows north-west to Banff, where it merges into the Bow River. The total length of the river is 64 km.

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Coordinates: 51°09′55″N 115°33′33″W / 51.16528°N 115.55917°W / 51.16528; -115.55917