Spree (film)

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Directed by Rustin Thompson
Produced by Ehud Bleiberg
Yitzhak Ginsberg
Written by Rustin Thompson
Starring Libby Simeon
Brian O'Hare
Sara Leonard
Dakota Blackhorse-Von Jess
Music by Tom Fallat
Distributed by Blackhorse Entertainment
Release date
  • 1996 (1996)
Running time
94 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Spree is a 1996 film written and directed by Rustin Thompson. It tells the story of a young woman who falls in love with a drug dealer and the perils that come with it.


A woman, desperate to start a new life for herself and her two children, flees from her drug dealing husband only to end up living on the streets. Broke and bottomed out, she abandons her kids and embarks on a 24 crime spree in a frantic attempt to steal enough money to save herself and her children.

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