Spring Creek Dam (New South Wales)

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Spring Creek Dam
Spring Creek Reservoir.jpg
Spring Creek Reservoir at very low level, 2008.
Spring Creek Dam (New South Wales) is located in New South Wales
Spring Creek Dam (New South Wales)
Location of Spring Creek Dam in
New South Wales
Country Australia
Location Orange, New South Wales
Coordinates 33°19′54″S 149°07′04″E / 33.33167°S 149.11778°E / -33.33167; 149.11778Coordinates: 33°19′54″S 149°07′04″E / 33.33167°S 149.11778°E / -33.33167; 149.11778
Purpose Water supply
Status Operational
Construction began December 1929 (1929-12)
Opening date 1931 (1931)
Owner(s) Orange City Council
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Embankment dam
Impounds Spring Creek
Height 17 metres (56 ft)
Length 268 metres (879 ft)
Spillways 1
Spillway capacity 310 cubic metres per second (11,000 cu ft/s)
Creates Spring Creek Reservoir
Total capacity 4,680 megalitres (165×10^6 cu ft)
Catchment area 63 square kilometres (24 sq mi)
Surface area 11 hectares (27 acres)
Max. length 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi)
Max. width 350 metres (1,150 ft)

Spring Creek Dam is a minor embankment dam across the Spring Creek upstream of Orange in the central western region of New South Wales, Australia. The impounded reservoir is called the Spring Creek Reservoir.

Location and features[edit]

Commenced in December 1929 and completed in 1931, the Spring Creek Dam is a minor dam on the Spring Creek, located approximately 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) south-east of the city of Orange;[1] constructed by NSW Department of Public Works on behalf of the Orange City Council as the main water supply for Orange. Additional dams for water supply were completed in 1918 at Meadow Creek Dam and the Gosling Creek Dam in 1890. Since the construction of Suma Park Dam, completed in 1962, Spring Creek Dam has served as the secondary water supply for the city.[1]

The embankment dam wall is 17 metres (56 ft) high and is 268 metres (879 ft) long. At 100% capacity the dam wall holds back 4,680 megalitres (165×10^6 cu ft) of water. The surface area of Spring Creek Reservoir is 11 hectares (27 acres) and the catchment area is 63 square kilometres (24 sq mi). The spillway is capable of discharging 310 cubic metres per second (11,000 cu ft/s).[2][3]

Recently Orange City Council has strengthened the dam wall. Kinross Wolaroi School also uses the dam for the sport of rowing.

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