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The Spring Creek Independent School District is a public school district located in southeastern Hutchinson County, Texas, United States.

The district consists of a single campus, Spring Creek Elementary School, that serves students in grades pre-kindergarten through six. To boost enrollment, Spring Creek also accepts transfer students from outside of the district.[1]

Secondary students (grades 7-12) from Spring Creek attend school in one of three neighboring districts – Borger, Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips, or White Deer.[1]

In 2009, the school district was rated "exemplary" by the Texas Education Agency.[2]


The first Spring Creek School building was built in 1900, one year prior to the organization of Hutchinson County, on the Harvey Ranch. In its first year, there were a total of seven school-aged students, six males and one female, and six under school age for a total of 13. In 1901, the Hutchinson County Commissioners Court divided the county into four school districts, Spring Creek being named district #4. The school moved to several different locations until the 1930s, when a red brick school building was constructed. On March 8, 1938, the school was dedicated in a ceremony attended by approximately 500 people. The Spring Creek Independent School District was formed in 1949.[3]

On September 22, 2001, Spring Creek celebrated its 100th anniversary and held an all-school reunion as well as an official historical marker dedication.[3]


Since 1937, Spring Creek School has had 6 principal/superintendents.[3] They are:

  • James W. Dillard (1937-1946)
  • L.E. Dyer (1946-1980)
  • Gene Weeks (1980-1987)
  • Susan Perez (1987-1991)
  • Peter Cameron (1991-1995)
  • Bret Madsen (1995-2012)
  • Mandy Poer (2012–Present)

Student demographics[edit]

As of the 2007-2008 school year, the Spring Creek Independent School District had a total enrollment of 85 students.[4]

  • Ethnicity[4]
    • Whites: 69 (81.2%)
    • Hispanics: 12 (14.1%)
    • African Americans: 4 (4.7%)
  • Socio-Economic Groups[4]
    • Economic Disadvantaged: 41 (48.2%)
    • Limited English Proficient: 3 (3.5%)
    • Students w/Disciplinary Placements (2006–07): 0 (0.0%)
    • "At-Risk": 40 (47.1%)
  • Historic District Enrollment Figures by school year[4]


Spring Creek Elementary School offers a Gifted and Talented Program, a Learning Lab where students can receive assistance on individual curriculum objectives, and a strong technology program. Spanish is taught to every Spring Creek ISD student, starting at 4. There is also a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program as well as an active Parent-Teacher Association (P.T.A.).[1][3]

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