Spring Song (Sibelius)

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Spring Song
Tone poem by Jean Sibelius
Jean Sibelius, 1913.jpg
The composer in 1913
Native name Vårsång
Catalogue Op. 16
Period Late-Romantic
Composed 1894 (r. 1895, 1902)
Duration 8 minutes
Date 21 June 1894 (1894-06-21)
Location Vaasa, Finland
Conductor Jean Sibelius

Spring Song (in Swedish, Vårsång) is a tone poem composed in 1894 by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

The piece was initially composed as Improvisation for Orchestra, in the key of D major. Sibelius recast it in F major, and retitled the work in 1895, appending the subtitle "The Sadness of Spring" to that (unpublished) version, then made final, pre-publication revisions in 1902.[1]

The piece contains an optimism that is relatively rare among Sibelius' works. It is known for its prominent use of bells at the end of the song.[2]


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