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Amarula Springbokkie shooter.jpg
TypeLayered shooter
Primary alcohol by volume
ServedNeat; undiluted and without ice
Standard drinkware
Shot Glass (Standard).svg
Shot glass
Commonly used ingredients
  • 1cl (1 part) Amarula
  • 3cl (3 parts) Crème de menthe
PreparationThe Crème de menthe is poured into the shot glass and the Amarula is carefully layered on top.

The Springbokkie ("little Springbok" in the Afrikaans language), composed of creme de menthe (or substitutes[1]) and Amarula, is a cocktail shooter that is popular in South Africa. The drink derives its name from the team jersey colours (green and gold) of the South Africa national rugby union team, which is known as "The Springboks." The ratio of Amarula to creme de menthe can vary substantially between recipes.[2][3][4]


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