Springerville volcanic field

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Springerville volcanic field
Highest point
Coordinates 34°15′N 109°34′W / 34.250°N 109.567°W / 34.250; -109.567Coordinates: 34°15′N 109°34′W / 34.250°N 109.567°W / 34.250; -109.567[1]
Location Arizona, United States
Age of rock 2.1 - 0.3 million years[2]
Mountain type Volcanic field[1]
Volcanic arc/belt Basin and Range Province

Springerville volcanic field is a monogenetic volcanic field located in east-central Arizona between Springerville and Show Low. The field consists of 405 discrete vents[3] covering approximately 3,000 square kilometers (1,200 sq mi)[2] and is the third-largest such field in the continental United States,[4] only the San Francisco volcanic field and Medicine Lake volcanic field are larger.[5]

Notable vents[edit]

Name Elevation Coordinates Last eruption
Cerro Hueco[1] - - -
Twin Knolls[1] - - -
Wolf Mountain[1] - - -

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