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Springtown Independent School District is a public school district based in Springtown, Texas (USA) in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Located in Parker County, a small portion of the district extends into Wise County.

The school mascot (dating back to the mid-1920s) is the porcupine (which is not native to the area). In a nod to the famed "MOJO" of Permian High School, the school mascot is nicknamed "POJO."

In 2009, the school district was listed as a "Recognized" district by the Texas Education Agency.[1]


In September 2012 the board of the district voted to allow an administrator giving a school punishment paddling of a student to be of the opposite sex of the student; the school district said this is because of a lack of female administrators. This occurred after an incident where a male assistant principal gave a school-sanctioned paddling to two female students, and some parents said that the paddling resulted in bruises.[2]

The paddling was against the school's own policy as the paddling was supposed to be done by someone of the same sex.[3] In 2012 the policy was changed; parents have to opt into corporal punishment and they may choose which gender administrator may deliver it.[4] The new policy allows female administrators to spank male students.[2]


Reno Elementary School

Springtown Elementary School

Goshen Creek Elementary School

Springtown Intermediate School

Springtown Middle School

Springtown High School


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