Springwater meteorite

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Springwater - Center for Meteorite Studies - Arizona State University - Tempe, AZ - DSC05832.JPG
Type Stony iron
Class Pallasite
Group [1]
Shock stage [1]
Weathering grade W0 [1]
Country Canada
Region Saskatchewan, Canada
Coordinates 51°58′N 108°22′W / 51.967°N 108.367°W / 51.967; -108.367Coordinates: 51°58′N 108°22′W / 51.967°N 108.367°W / 51.967; -108.367
Observed fall No
Found date 1931
TKW 120 kilograms (260 lb)[1]
Strewn field Yes

The Springwater meteorite is a stony-iron pallasite, found near Springwater, Saskatchewan in 1931. [1][2] At that time the find consisted of three large masses (38.6 kilograms (85 lb), 18.6 kilograms (41 lb) and 10.6 kilograms (23 lb). Other fragments have been found recently, including a 53 kilograms (117 lb) individual in 2009 that is now in the Royal Ontario Museum.[3]

Thirty percent of the meteorite is the iron-rich metallic phases kamacite and taenite, with the rest mostly made up of olivine. There are minor amounts of other minerals, including several phosphates such as farringtonite (Mg3(PO4)2) and stanfieldite (Ca4(Mg,Fe)5(PO4)6) and merrillite (a member of the whitlockite group).

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