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Alte Brücke Schmölln.JPG
The Old Bridge over the Sprotte in Schmölln
Location Thuringia,  Germany
Reference no. DE: 56664
Basin features
Main source In four headstreams west of Crimmitschau, e.g. near Gera (parish in Leumnitz) as the Großensteiner Sprotte
about 309 m (Großensteiner Sprotte)
50°52′55″N 12°08′44″E / 50.882078°N 12.145583°E / 50.882078; 12.145583Coordinates: 50°52′55″N 12°08′44″E / 50.882078°N 12.145583°E / 50.882078; 12.145583
River mouth Near Saara into the Pleiße
about 187 m
50°56′17″N 12°25′15″E / 50.938162°N 12.420880°E / 50.938162; 12.420880
Progression Pleiße → White Elster → Saale → Elbe → North Sea
River system Elbe
Basin size 165.7 km² [1]
Landmarks Large towns: Schmölln
Physical characteristics
Length 30 km [2]
  • Location:
    at Großstöbnitz gauge[3]
  • Minimum rate:
    Record low: 68 l/s (in 1991)
    Average low: 233 l/s
  • Average rate:
    620 l/s
  • Maximum rate:
    Average high: 7.43 m³/s
    Record high: 16.6 m³/s (in 30.11.2002)

The Sprotte is a left tributary of the Pleiße in East Thuringia. The headwaters of the river come from three source streams, which begin west of Crimmitschau and are as follows:

The western branch flows northwest and meets with the Heukewalder Sprotte near Vollmershain. Between Posterstein and Nöbdenitz these flow into the Eastern Sprotte. Then the Sprotte flows northeast through the municipality of Nöbdenitz, then further through the city of Schmölln to Saara, where it meets the Pleiße.

The river is 25 km long (Mannichswalder Sprotte). The Sprotte river valley partly follows the rail line from Gera to Altenburg as well as the Bundesstraße 7.

From its source to its mouth, the Sprotte travels 120 meters downhill (from 315 to 195 m above sea level).


  • The information in this article is based on and/or translated from its German equivalent.


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