Spruce Knob Lake (West Virginia)

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Spruce Knob Lake
Location Randolph County, West Virginia
Coordinates 38°42′10″N 79°35′18″W / 38.70276°N 79.58839°W / 38.70276; -79.58839Coordinates: 38°42′10″N 79°35′18″W / 38.70276°N 79.58839°W / 38.70276; -79.58839
Type reservoir
Basin countries United States
Surface area 23 acres (0.093 km2)
Surface elevation 3,840 ft (1,170 m)


Spruce Knob Lake is a 23-acre (0.093 km2) reservoir located within the Monongahela National Forest in Randolph County, West Virginia, USA. The recreation area surrounding Spruce Knob Lake contains camping and picnicking facilities as well as a boating site. At an elevation of 3,840 feet, it is the highest lake in West Virginia.[1]


The lake can best be reached by traveling 9.5 miles south of Whitmer on County Route 29 and then 2 miles east of Forest Service Route 1.

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