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The Adventures of Spud, sample page.

Spud Flogsoss was the main character featured in the cartoon series comic "The Adventures Of Spud", published monthly in (the now defunct) "Hot Metal" magazine between 1992 and 1997 and created by Australian comic strip artist and illustrator James Dunlevie.


The comic followed Spud, an adolescent metal-head (heavy metal fan) and his group of friends as they made their way through life in a non-descript urban environment. The cartoon featured occasional cameo appearances by heavy metal music personalities and others. The series ran for six years and spawned a similar cartoon, "Rufus, Floyd and Aero", which appeared in the UK heavy metal magazine Metal Hammer.

A fondly remembered edition of 'Spud' featured Australian television 'lifestyle gardener' Don Burke visiting the group's abode and discovering what he believes to be "tomato" plants in the back yard; Burke then receives spikes through his feet from hidden booby-traps guarding a marijuana plantation.

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