Spy Glass Blue

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Spy Glass Blue
OriginDallas, Texas, United States
GenresPost-punk, new wave
Years active1995–present
LabelsAccidental Sirens, Organic Records, Pinnacle Records, Flying Tart
MembersAllan Aguirre

Spy Glass Blue is an American post-punk/new wave/Britpop band formed by Allan Aguirre of Scaterd Few, is credited for legitimizing and authenticating the post-punk genre in Christian alternative music (ACM)[dubious ] much in the same way that Scaterd Few defined punk rock in Contemporary Christian music (CCM).[1] In the words of the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music, Spy Glass Blue is a "rare example of Christian goth music."[2] As Allan's solo effort shows Allan's artier ("mellower, artistic")[2][3] side where Scaterd Few showed his edgier side. Aguirre likens the band's presence to the restructuring of other Christian Alternative bands: Mortal to Fold Zandura or the Crucified to Stavesacre.[3]


Spy Glass Blue was founded in 1995 and immediately released a self-titled vinyl EP. Their first album was released the next year, but because of record label issues did not achieve widespread distribution until 1997. Shadows contain a gothic rock musical style that swings between "light and airy", "dark, haunting, moody",[2] and psychedelic. Spy Glass Blue originally intended to have more of a pop based sound, like "Sade and Seal meets Peter Murphy,"[3] of the goth scene Aguirre comments "gothic is one tenth of what we do."[3]

According to one reviewer "Shadows plays mind games with the listener" with its music and deep lyrics.[4] Lyrically it hides its deep meanings in a way that is "sometimes hard to follow."[4] An example is in the song "Stygan", which hides the dangers of stumbling in faith in the words "apostolic apostasy".[4] The overall theme of the album is "the confusion of life without Christ."[2]

On Loud, as Feathers, the vocals lean more toward David Bowie than Peter Murphy.[5]

Band members[edit]


  • Drums: Kris Rosentrater
  • Bass: River Tunnell
  • Keyboards: Joshua Pyle (Audio Paradox)
  • Guitar: Kane Kelly (Deceased)


  • Drums: Kris Rosentrater
  • Bass: River Tunnell
  • Guitar: Kane Kelly (Deceased)


  • Drums: Jason Perez
  • Bass: Danny
  • Bass: Brian May
  • Guitar: Sergio
  • Guitar: Stephen Bellinski


Additionally, a track was recorded for a second installment of the Terry Scott Taylor tribute disc When Worlds Collide: A Tribute to Daniel Amos. The disc was never released, but Aguirres’ “When Worlds Collide” is available for download.


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