Spy Rock (Mason County, Texas)

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Spy Rock
Spy Rock.jpg
Spy Rock
Highest point
Elevation 1,749 ft (533 m)
Coordinates 30°53′49″N 99°09′00″W / 30.89694°N 99.15000°W / 30.89694; -99.15000Coordinates: 30°53′49″N 99°09′00″W / 30.89694°N 99.15000°W / 30.89694; -99.15000
Spy Rock is located in Texas
Spy Rock
Spy Rock
Location Mason County, Texas,
United States
Mountain type Pink granite

Spy Rock is a pink granite dome located in the Llano Uplift in Mason County, Texas, rising 1,749 feet (533 m) feet above sea level. The peak is located south of Fredonia.[1]

As with Enchanted Rock, Spy Rock is formed of middle Precambrian (1,082 ± 6 million years ago)[2] material. The base of the peak can be reached by the public, but the dome itself is on private property and accessible only with property owner's permission.[3][4] Federal and state statutes, regulations and rules governing trespassing, archeological sites and historic sites apply.[5] The state Game Warden as a commissioned peace officer is authorized to inspect natural resources and take necessary action for the preservation of the resources.[6]



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