Spyder Rodeo

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Spyder Rodeo
Type Mechanical
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel 12 inch Aluminium barrel
Rate of fire Semi-Automatic (Double-Trigger)
Retail price $170

The Spyder Rodeo is a paintball marker designed and manufactured by Kingman Group.


The Spyder Rodeo comes in a black, green or camouflage color scheme. As with all other Spyders, it is a semi-automatic stacked tube blowback. It has a regulator with a gauge, drop forward and matte finish anodizing. It operates on CO2 or compressed air and has a low-pressure, in-line expansion chamber with fore grip, velocity adjuster and bottom-line setup. The Rodeo has a vertical, anti-double feed and a deluxe sight rail with beavertail. Its two-finger (or Double Trigger) aluminium trigger semi-automatic.


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