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The name Squamish most commonly refers to the town at the core of the District Municipality of Squamish, British Columbia. "Squamish" is a loose English adaptation/mispronunciation of Skwxwu7mesh, meaning "Mother of the Wind", "people of the sacred water" in the language of that people; it has sometimes been used to refer to the Skokomish (Twana) and Suquamish peoples.

Squamish may refer to:



  • the Squamish people, a Northwest Coast indigenous people, in their language "Sḵwx̱wú7mesh", after whom the river is named (the town of Squamish is named for the river)
  • the Squamish Nation, the band government of the Squamish people


  • 43-Man Squamish, a fictional sport featured in Mad Magazine
  • the Squamish Five, a militant activist group, named as such by the media because they were arrested near Squamish, British Columbia
  • Squamish (wind), a type of wind that occurs in coastal British Columbia