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A square is a regular quadrilateral with four equal sides and four right angles.

Square may also refer to:

Mathematics and science[edit]


  • Square, a public meeting place:
    • Town square, an open area commonly found in the heart of a traditional town used for community gatherings
    • Market square, an open area where market stalls are traditionally set out for trading
    • Garden square, an open space with buildings surrounding a garden
  • Square (area), an Imperial unit of floor area and other construction materials
  • Square, a "L" or "T" shaped tool:
    • Combination square, a tool with a ruled blade and one or more interchangeable heads
    • Machinist square, a metalworking tool used to produce right angles
    • Steel square, also called a "framing" or "carpenter's" square, produces right angles
    • Try square, a woodworking tool for checking right angles
  • Quadrature (mathematics), the process of producing right angles (squaring)



  • Square, Inc., a payment and merchant services company that allows credit card payments to be accepted through mobile devices
  • Square (company), former video game company that merged with Enix to become Square Enix

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