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Square Church spire, Square Chapel is to the left of the picture

The Square Chapel in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, was designed by Thomas Bradley and James Kershaw at the instigation of Titus Knight, a local preacher. Construction started in 1772 and the chapel was visited by John Wesley in July of that year.

The Congregationalist chapel was typical of Nonconformist design in offering an uninterrupted view of the preacher, having no internal supporting structures. As its name suggests the chapel has a square base. Atypically for the Calderdale region it was built of red brick rather than local stone.

Since 1992 the chapel has been used as an arts centre.

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Coordinates: 53°43′18″N 1°51′20″W / 53.7217°N 1.8556°W / 53.7217; -1.8556