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Square Enix Limited
Square Enix Europe
Formerly called
  • Square Europe Ltd.
  • (1998-2003)[1]
  • Square Enix Ltd. (2003-2009)
Founded December 1998; 18 years ago (1998-12) (as Square Europe Ltd.)
9 November 2009; 7 years ago (2009-11-09) (as Square Enix Europe)
Founder Jane Cavanagh
Headquarters London Borough of Southwark, London, United Kingdom
Key people
Owner Square Enix Holdings
Number of employees
870[2] (2007)
Parent Square Enix
Website square-enix.com

Square Enix Limited,[3] doing business as Square Enix Europe, is a British publisher of video game software wholly owned by Square Enix Holdings, a Japanese company. Square Enix Europe currently has its head office in 240 Blackfriars Road in London Borough of Southwark, London.[4]

Square Enix Europe originated as the former Square Co, Ltd. European publishing branch, which was re-branded as Square Enix Ltd. after the absorption of Square by Enix. On 10 November 2009, a statutory merger occurred with Square Enix Ltd. and the United Kingdom video game publisher Eidos Interactive, in which Eidos Interactive was the dissolved entity and Square Enix Ltd. was the surviving entity.

The intellectual properties owned by Eidos plc include Deus Ex, Tomb Raider and Just Cause among others. All intellectual properties that were published under the Eidos Interactive label are currently published under the Square Enix label. On 15 September 2014 Square Enix Europe officially relocated its HQ from Wimbledon Bridge House, London to Blackfriars Road, London.


Beginnings as SCI[edit]

SCi former logo

The Eidos Interactive company that was absorbed by Square Enix Ltd. was founded as The Sales Curve in 1988 by Jane Cavanagh. They originally developed games for publishers Virgin, Accolade and Ocean. The Sales Curve became a publisher itself in 1990, releasing games under the label Storm until 1993. The company became Sales Curve Interactive in 1994 and published subsequent games under that name. In 1999 the company floated on the London Stock Exchange as SCI Entertainment Group PLC, using the ticker symbol SEG. Under the SCI banner, the company's most popular games were the Carmageddon and the Conflict: Desert Storm game series.

SCI purchase of Eidos[edit]

In 2005, SCi acquired and merged with Eidos Interactive, another British games company. The merger resulted in SCi re-branding themselves as Eidos Interactive. Since then the company has been exclusively releasing games under the Eidos brand.

In December 2006, Time Warner's Warner Bros. Entertainment has bought a 10.3% stake in SCI Games, including sister company, Eidos. Part of the deal between the two companies includes an arrangement with Eidos to make Warner Bros. its primary U.S. distributor, providing warehousing, logistics, merchandising and media buying services.[5] In April 2008, Warner Bros. Entertainment increased its stake to 35% while gaining distribution rights to SCI titles in the US, Canada and Mexico.[6]

In February 2007, Eidos closed its Manchester studio which focused in Mobile games and acquired Rockpool Games, another mobile game company, along with its two sister companies Ironstone Partners and SoGoPlay.[7]

On 27 October 2008, SCI scrapped a "standstill" arrangement with Time Warner subsidiary Warner Bros. The agreement – which had been in place since April – prevented Warner Bros. from acquiring more SCI shares without the Eidos parent’s consent until January 2009. SCI said it would now allow Warner Bros to buy more shares without consultation until 1 December 2008 – providing its stake did not reach 30 percent. Subsequently SCI's share price rose 11%.[8] On 15 December 2008, Time Warner purchased 10 million more shares in Eidos to bring its total to 19.92%.[9]

On 3 December 2008, SCI changed its name to Eidos Plc (the former name of Eidos prior to the SCI takeover), and also changed its London Stock Exchange ticker symbol from SEG to EID.[10] On 15 January Eidos confirmed that it received a preliminary approach which may not lead to an offer being made for the Company.[11]

In January 2009, they closed Rockpool Games.[12]

Square Enix purchase of Eidos[edit]

Eidos plc former logo

On 12 February 2009, SQEX Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Square Enix) announced a takeover offer worth £84.3 million (32p per share) for Eidos plc.[13][14][15] The takeover is effective as of 22 April. According to Square Enix president Yoichi Wada, the company Eidos will remain independent and Phil Rogers will remain CEO of the company.[16]

On 22 April 2009, the takeover of Eidos Interactive by Square Enix was successful. Shares of Eidos officially de-listed on 21 April 2009 a day before the takeover. The name Eidos plc ceased to be used following a reorganisation of the Eidos Group, after which all previous Eidos properties were published under Square Enix and Eidos Interactive now as a part of Square Enix Europe.[17]

On 7 July 2009, Square Enix announced the formation of its European division, officially named Square Enix Europe. The Eidos name will cease to be used as a publisher, though existing Eidos Interactive studios will keep the name.[17][18]

On 10 November 2009, Square Enix officially announced that the integration of their European operations as well as Eidos has been completed and the two entities will merge into one under the name of Square Enix Europe and will operate under the business name of Square Enix Ltd. This means that future titles by Eidos will no longer be published under the Eidos brand but Square Enix instead. Square Enix Europe will publish all games developed by Square Enix, Eidos and Taito. It will also manage various development studios, namely Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive, Beautiful Game Studios, Square Enix London Studios and Eidos Montréal.[19]








Eidos Interactive[edit]

Flagship franchises

Battlestations series

Championship Manager series

Deus Ex series

Fear Effect series

Gex series

Hitman series

Just Cause series

Kane & Lynch series

Legacy of Kain series

Shellshock series

Sleeping Dogs series

Thief series

Tomb Raider series

Urban Chaos series

Licensed Games



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