Square Montholon

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A winter view of the square from the fifth floor of the Hôtel Montholon.

The Square Montholon is a square in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, France.

Construction of the 4571 m2 square began in 1862, costing 160,000 francs, at the time of building of Rue Lafayette and opened in 1863.

The square comprises two terrasses and is encircled by Louis-Philippe style fence. The central grass garden is home to two hundred-year-old 30 m tall oriental plane trees as well a group of statues made in Lorieux marble.

A fountain with a bronze sculpture, “The Bear, the Eagle and the Vulture”, was removed and melted down in 1941 or 1942, during the nazi occupation of Paris.[1]

Coordinates: 48°52′37″N 2°20′47″E / 48.87694°N 2.34639°E / 48.87694; 2.34639