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Family of bifrusta
Example: hexagonal bifrustum
Faces2 n-gons
2n trapezoids
Symmetry groupDnh, [n,2], (*n22)
Surface area
Dual polyhedronElongated bipyramids

In geometry, an n-agonal bifrustum is a polyhedron composed of three parallel planes of n-agons, with the middle plane largest and usually the top and bottom congruent.

It can be constructed as two congruent frusta combined across a plane of symmetry, and also as a bipyramid with the two polar vertices truncated.[1]

They are duals to the family of elongated bipyramids.


For a regular n-gonal bifrustum with the equatorial polygon sides a, bases sides b and semi-height (half the distance between the planes of bases) h, the lateral surface area Al, total area A and volume V are:[2] and [3]

Note that the volume V is twice the volume of a frusta.


Three bifrusta are duals to three Johnson solids, J14-16. In general, a n-agonal bifrustum has 2n trapezoids, 2 n-agons, and is dual to the elongated dipyramids.

Triangular bifrustum Square bifrustum Pentagonal bifrustum
6 trapezoids, 2 triangles. Dual to elongated triangular bipyramid, J14 8 trapezoids, 2 squares. Dual to elongated square bipyramid, J15 10 trapezoids, 2 pentagons. Dual to elongated pentagonal bipyramid, J16


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