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Comparison of 1 square foot with some Imperial and metric units of area

The square foot (plural square feet; abbreviated sq ft, sf, ft2) is an imperial unit and U.S. customary unit (non-SI, non-metric) of area, used mainly in the United States and partially in Bangladesh, Canada, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore and the United Kingdom.[citation needed] It is defined as the area of a square with sides of 1 foot.

Note that although the pluralisation is regular in the noun form, when used as an adjective, the singular is preferred. So, a flat measuring 700 square feet could be described as a 700 square-foot flat. This corresponds to common linguistic usage of foot.

A symbol for square foot, square feet, and "per square foot" commonly used in architecture, real estate and interior floor plans is a simple square with a vertical line bisecting it—⏍. It is also occasionally written as a square with a slash through it.[citation needed]

To calculate the Square footage of an area, multiply the length of one side of a regular quadrilateral multiplied by the length of an adjacent side (for example, a rectangle of 0.5 foot by 2 foot would cover 1 square foot).


1 square foot is equivalent to:

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