Squares and Triangles

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"Squares And Triangles"
Single by Thompson Twins
B-side"Could Be Her...Could Be You
Weather Station (1982 re-release)
Modern Plumbing (1982 re-release)"
ReleasedApril 1980
26 February 1982 (re-release)
GenreNew wave
LabelDirty Discs; T Records
Songwriter(s)Pete Dodd; Thompson Twins
Producer(s)Alan O'Duffy; Alex Burak: Thompson Twins
Thompson Twins singles chronology
"Squares And Triangles"
"She's In Love With Mystery"
Alternative cover
Red/green sleeve
Red/green sleeve
Alternative cover
Red/white sleeve
Red/white sleeve
Alternative cover
Black/white 1982 re-release
Black/white 1982 re-release

"Squares And Triangles" is the debut single released by Thompson Twins. It was written when the band was a four-piece consisting of Tom Bailey, Pete Dodd, John Roog, and Chris Bell. The single was originally released in three different colored sleeves (red/yellow, red/green, red/white).[1] In 1982, the single was re-released in a black/white sleeve as a free EP along with the album Set [2] featuring "Weather Station", a track composed by Tom Bailey for an independent film called 'The Onlooker' (1982) and "Modern Plumbing".[3] "Modern Plumbing" was a song recorded in late 1979 by The Blankets, a project including Tom Bailey, John Hade, and Traci. The track was used as the intro tape to the live shows for the first year or two of performing in London.[4]

Track listing[edit]

7" single
A. "Squares and Triangles" - 3:24
B. "Could Be Her, Could Be You" - 3:36
7" single (re-release 1982 as free single with Set)
A. "Squares and Triangles" - 3:24
B1. "Weather Station" (Tom Bailey) – 1:09
B2. "Modern Plumbing" (The Blankets) – 5:48


  • Recorded and Produced at Point Studios
  • Produced by Alan O'Duffy, Alex Burak, and Thompson Twins
  • Lyrics by P. Dodd
  • Music by Thompson Twins


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