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Squash Australia is the national organisation for squash in Australia, as recognised by the Professional Squash Association[1]and the World Squash Federation.[2]It was founded in 1934 and is based in Brisbane.[3] It organises and/or oversees many professional tournaments each year, along with many other official squash events.

Australian Squash is the leading Australian sport when compared by medals won against medals available at the Commonwealth Games. At the 2018 Commonwealth Games Australia won two gold medals and one bronze medal.

The CEO since 2015 is Richard Vaughan who has transformed the sport increasing participation figures from 153,000 (2015) to 185,000 (2018) according to the SportAUS AusPlay survey.

In 2018 Squash Australia took over the running of the Southport Squash Centre and opened a new Six court Squash Centre at Carrara on the Gold Coast.

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