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Squat Company in Paris.jpg
Place des Abbesses, 1976
© 1977 by Eva Buchmuller
Andy Warhol's Last Love Squat Theatre Poster.jpg
© 1978 by Eva Buchmuller

The expatriate Hungarian theatre company known as Squat Theatre became a major presence within the contemporary at world downtown New York, shortly after their arrival in 1977. They rented a building on west 23rd Street where they lived and worked. Performances in the building's storefront window with the street as its backdrop became their trademark.

Squat Theatre Book[edit]

Squat Theatre, a book by Eva Buchmuller and Anna Koós, commemorates an homage exhibit of Squat Theatre at Artists Space.[1] Published in 1996 by Artists Space, New York, 1996, First Edition, ISBN 0-9636372-2-3. LCCN 96-83937.

Plays amd Films[edit]

  • Pig, Child, Fire! , 1977, is a play in 5 parts. The first, a drama based on the confessions of Nikolai Stavrogin in Dostoyevsky's Demons. The second, is inspired by 40's gangster movies. The third is a reading of Antonin Artaud's letter to Andre Breton. The fourth part is a mother and her children having supper on stage. The last part is a comic act.
  • The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, 1975-79. Three men dressed in white play the sisters. A prompter reads the lines, the actors repeat the words expressionless.
  • Andy Warhol's Last Love, 1978, Ulrike Meinhof meets Andy Warhol in 3 acts: Aliens on the Second Floor, An Imperial Message ( a 16mm B&W film) and Interview with the Dead.
  • Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free1981.


The work of the Theatre including sets, manuscripts and video documentary of the performances are located at:

  • University of California, Davis Special Collections
Ms. Daryl Morrison, Head, Special Collections / dmorrison@ucdavis.edu / 530 752 2112, videos, documents, set pieces.
National Theatre History Museum and Institute. manuscripts, videos
Andy Warhol's Last Love, 1978-81, 60 min, b&w and color, sound
Pig, Child, Fire!, 1981, 60 min, color, sound
Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free, 1982, 83 min, b&w and color, sound


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