Squaw Valley Reservoir

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Squaw Valley Reservoir
Location Washoe County, Nevada
Coordinates 40°49′30″N 119°32′12″W / 40.82500°N 119.53667°W / 40.82500; -119.53667Coordinates: 40°49′30″N 119°32′12″W / 40.82500°N 119.53667°W / 40.82500; -119.53667
Type Reservoir
Surface elevation 4,505 feet (1,373 m)[1]

The Squaw Valley Reservoir, or alternatively Squaw Creek Reservoir or Squaw Valley Creek Reservoir, is a lake managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Washoe County, Nevada. The reservoir is a fishing destination stocked with several species of fish, including trout, bass and catfish.[2]


The Squaw Valley Reservoir is primarily fed by a large spring located less than a mile to the north. The lake's approximate surface area is 47.5 acres (19 ha) and its max depth is 45 feet. The lake is stocked with fish by the National Department of Wildlife.[citation needed]


The reservoir and the valley below is private land though public access is allowed to the east side of the reservoir only. The dam serves as a bridge to travel between the two, however public travel across is not allowed.[citation needed]