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A squid is a type of marine cephalopod with ten limbs.

Squid or squids may also refer to:

  • Squid (food), squid prepared as food
  • Squid (software), a proxy server and web cache
  • Squid (weapon), an Allied anti-submarine weapon used in the Second World War
  • SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device), a superconducting loop used to make sensitive measurements of magnetic fields
  • Squid (Marvel Comics), any of four different villains from Marvel Comics
  • Squid (DC Comics), a fictional character from DC Comics
  • Squids (game), a 2011 tactical role playing video game
  • A term used by motorcyclists to refer to a risk-taking rider, especially one who does not wear their "armor" (boots, leathers, gloves, and helmet)
  • Military slang for a sailor or navy service personnel
  • A fictional form of virtual reality unit, a central plot device in the 1995 film Strange Days

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