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Srđan (Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian Cyrillic: Срђан) (sometimes written as Srdan or Srdjan due to lack of the letter 'đ') is a Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian masculine given name. The prevailing stance reckons this name originates from the Roman nomen (family name) Sergius, and this from a more ancient Etruscan name. The Latin names of two saints "Saints Sergius and Bacchus" are both translated as "Sveti Srđ i Vlaha" or "Srđevdan" or "Srđandan", so it is highly possible that Srđan has only Christian etymology. The other possibility is that it derives from another Serbo-Croatian adjective: srdit, meaning angry, fiery, ardent. A medieval version of the name was Srdan. Srđa is a form of Srđan. Most common nickname is Srle, Srki and Srđo.

People with the name include[edit]

What follows are the forms of Latin name Sergius, not of Срђан

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