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Srđan Milić (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Срђан Милић) (born September 17, 1965) is the president of the opposition pro-EU Socialist People's Party of Montenegro. He was its candidate for the 2008 Montenegrin presidential election.


Milić was born in the coastal city of Bar, at that time part of the Socialist Republic of Montenegro of SFR Yugoslavia. He declares Serb ethnicity and language.[1] He studied under the Faculty for Outer Trade and Tourism at the University of Dubrovnik in SR Croatia, learning on the side English, Italian and German and computer skills.

After graduation, he permanently moved to Budva, where he married and had three children (Aleksandra, Maja and Igor). He worked in the field of tourism from 1983 to 1990. In 1991 and 1992, he was an assistant at the Faculty for Tourism in Kotor.


From 1992 to 2002 he spent his life as a private worker, when he entered the world of politics, joining Predrag Bulatović's reformed Socialist People's Party of Montenegro. In the party, he dedicated his life to the research of the European Union and European integrations of outside countries. A member of both the Main Board of the SNP and the Main Board's Executive Committee, he was elected President of SNP CG's Commission for European and Euro-Atlantic integration. In the 2006 parliamentary election, he was elected into the parliament on the SNP-NS-DSS coalition's list. Over the years, he attended and held numerous conferences across the European continent on the subject of European integrations.

After President Bulatović's resignation for a catastrophically poor rating at an election, Milić was elected President of the Socialist People's Party on 26 November 2006. Becoming chief of SNP's parliamentary club, he distanced the party from its traditional partners the People's Party and Democratic Serb Party, introducing the prime element of European Social Democracy in SNP's political ideology. He rendered the party a strong supporter of European Union enlargement, promoted a shift in Montenegrin standard politics, and supported joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. He is a member of the Montenegrin Parliament's Commission for European Integration.

He has said that he loves Serbia and Russia, and that Montenegro did a big mistake in supporting sanctions against Russia.[2]


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