Sragen Regency

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Sragen is a regency (Indonesian: kabupaten) in the eastern part of Central Java province in Indonesia. Its capital is Sragen, located about 30 km to the northeast of Surakarta. Sragen is bordered with East Java Province to the east.

The famous river, Bengawan Solo flows through the fertile rice fields in the region.


The town of Sragen is located on the road connecting Solo and East Java. The road is very potential for the smooth transportation of goods between the two areas. It is one of economic advantages for Sragen development. A modern plant producing chemical stuffs for textile industry has been erected on the main Solo – East Java Road.[1]

Coordinates: 7°24′46″S 110°56′06″E / 7.4128°S 110.9350°E / -7.4128; 110.9350