Sredinny Range

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Sredinny Range
Highest point
Elevation 11,880 ft (3,620 m)
Coordinates 55°40′48″N 157°43′48″E / 55.68000°N 157.73000°E / 55.68000; 157.73000Coordinates: 55°40′48″N 157°43′48″E / 55.68000°N 157.73000°E / 55.68000; 157.73000
Country Russia
State/Province Kamchatka

Sredinny Range (Russian: Срединный хребет) is a mountain range in Kamchatka, Russia, at 56°N 158°E / 56°N 158°E / 56; 158. It stretches from northeast to southwest along the center of the peninsula and is made up of volcanoes, mostly shield volcanoes and stratovolcanoes. The highest peak of the range is Ichinsky, a stratovolcano some 3,607 metres (11,834 ft)) high.[1] The Sredinny Range is separated from the north-south running coastal (Vostochny) range to the east, by the Central Kamchatka Depression.[2]

The mountains are currently occupied by small mountain glaciers, contributing to Kamchatka's characterization as the most extensively glaciated region of northeastern Asia, with glaciers covering roughly 906 square kilometres (350 sq mi).