Sredinny Range

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Sredinny Range
Highest point
Elevation 11,880 ft (3,620 m)
Coordinates 55°40′48″N 157°43′48″E / 55.68000°N 157.73000°E / 55.68000; 157.73000Coordinates: 55°40′48″N 157°43′48″E / 55.68000°N 157.73000°E / 55.68000; 157.73000
Country Russia
State/Province Kamchatka

Sredinny Range (Russian: Срединный хребет) is a mountain range in Kamchatka, Russia, at 56°N 158°E / 56°N 158°E / 56; 158. It stretches from northeast to southwest along the center of the peninsula and is made up of volcanoes, mostly shield volcanoes and stratovolcanoes. The highest peak of the range is Ichinsky, a stratovolcano some 3,607 metres (11,834 ft)) high.[1] The Sredinny Range is separated from the north-south running coastal (Vostochny) range to the east, by the Central Kamchatka Depression.[2]

The mountains are currently occupied by small mountain glaciers, contributing to Kamchatka's characterization as the most extensively glaciated region of northeastern Asia, with glaciers covering roughly 592 ± 20.4 km2.[3]