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Sree Andalurkavu is a famous and prominent temple in Andalur in Dharmadam village of Kannur district, North Kerala. This old temple is in the name of Lord Rama and the main festival is celebrated in mid-February: the first week of the month Kumbam of the Malayalam calendar.

Annual festival[edit]

The annual festival is a wonderful visualisation of devotional unity of a place where people still follow very old and sacred customs throughout the season. It is the time the village gets themselves into a feeling in which they becomes part of and enjoy the happiness of being part of the glory of Lord Rama. It is the festival where it pictures the great culture merging the normal and common life with great old mythologies.


Being a part of North Malabar, in Andalur kavu (also theyyam or theyaattam) is the main ritual of worship. It is one of the rare places where Yuddha kanda of Ramayana — the great epic — is visualised and performed. The main deities are Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Hanuman. One significance for this kavu is that it has two holy places called Mele Kavu and Thazhe kavu.[citation needed]

The Thaze Kavu is a sacred grove which harbors several rare plants species typical of the Myristica swamps, notably Syzygium travancoricum, an endangered endemic plant. Much of the flora of the sacred grove has been lost due to poor regeneration and the disturbance from cattle and human activity in this thickly populated area.


The name Andalurkavu ("Andar-villoor-kavu") can be interpreted as the grove (sacred kavu) where the sacred weapons of deities are kept. There are interpretations that say this kavu was created by Sree Parasuraman, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. There are interesting interpretations behind names of all the other places that surround Andalur like Melur, Palayad and Dharmadam. The Andalur, especially the Andalurkavu is the most divine place for the people in all these areas.[citation needed]

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