Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam

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Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam
Formation15 May 1903 (1903-05-15)
FounderDr. Padmanabhan Palpu
TypeSocial equality promoting organisation
Official language
Life time Chairman
Sree Narayana Guru
Parent organization
Vavoottu Yogam
Sri Narayana Guru

The Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (S.N.D.P) is a social service organization that has been representing the Ezhava community from the Indian state of Kerala since 1903.

The S.N.D.P Yogam was founded by Dr. Padmanabhan Palpu and other Ezhava leaders with the blessing of Narayana Guru. The organization aimed to lead the community to the religious reform movement and to achieve economic prosperity and educational opportunities. The organization has also been playing a significant role in the Kerala social and political movements since its formation.[1][2]

Sree Narayana Trust[edit]

The Sree Narayana Trust is founded by the SNDP Yogam to start, and manage educational, social, and economical institutions with the vision of Narayana Guru. Combined both the Yogam and the Trust present annual budgets of about ₹2,000,0000,00 (two hundred crore INR or US$24 million).[3][4]

Currently, the organization runs several educational institutes, hospitals, and other institutions.


The S.N.D.P yogam is based on the principles and philosophy of Narayana Guru. Guru devoted his life to working against the social and economical inequality, casteism, and superstitions in the Kerala society. The Yogam has the moral responsibility and the social duty to model the Sree Narayana dharmas.


SNDP was founded in 1903 by Dr. Padmanabhan Palpu with the guidance and blessings of Narayana Guru. SNDP was the first organization to envisage Kerala as a whole.

Vavoottu Yogam expanded and formed an organization known as Aruvippuram Kshetra Yogam. The Aruvippuram Temple Society, known as Vavoottu Yogam emerged in 1888.

During the 1890s, there was an oppressive caste system in Kerala. Padmanabhan Palpu, better known as Dr. Palpu, started working towards ensuring the rights of the then identified backward communities. With the 1891 Malayali Memorial Revolt, he took the leadership of the then oppressed community named Ezhava, and attempted to begin an organization called Ezhava Sabha. In 1896, he created the organizations' by-laws and published the law in Malayali, a newspaper published from Thankussery. He organized a few meetings at Paravur and Mayyanad, before the movement failed.

On January 7, 1903, a special meeting of Aruvippuram Kshetra Yogam was conducted. They decided to enlarge the organization to support the progress of all backward communities both religiously and materially. Thus, on May 15, 1903, with Narayana Guru as its president, Aruvippuram Kshetra Yogam was registered as Aruvippuram Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam according to the Indian Companies Act, No.6, 1882.

The deity at the Sree Bhavaneeswara temple, Lord Shiva, was consecrated by Narayana Guru on March 8, 1916 (24-07-1091 M.E.). After the ceremony, he laid the foundation stone for the Lower Primary School under the SNDP.

List of Presidents[edit]

List of SNDP Yogam Presidents from 1903 [5]
No S.N.D.P Yogam President Years
1 Sri Narayana Guru 1903 -1928
2 Madavan Vydyar 1929 -1933
3 C Krishnan 1933 -1938
4 M Govindan 1939 -1940
5 K Ayyappan 1940 -1943
6 V.K Panikkar 1943 -1944
7 V.K Velayudan 1944 -1945
8 M Govindan 1945 -1951
9 Dr. P.N Narayanan 1951 -1953
10 K Sukumaran 1953 -1954
11 R Sankar 1954 -1956
12 V. G Sukumaran 1956 -1960
13 K. I Velayudan 1960 -1961
14 M Achuthan 1961 -1966
15 C.R Kesavan Vydyar 1966 -1970
16 Administrator rule 1970 -1971
17 K.T Achuthan 1971 -1973
18 N Sreenivasan 1973 -1978
19 Prof. P.S Velayudan 1978 -1982
20 M.K Ragavan 1982 – 1988
21 K.K Viswanathan 1988 -1992
22 K.G Sreenivasa panickar 1992
23 Dr. K.K Rahulan 1992 – 1996
24 A.S Prathapsingh 1996 – 1999
25 Adv. C.K.Vidhyasagar 1999 – 2006
26 K.Kamalasanan 2006 – 2006
27 M.B.Sreekumar 2006 – 2007
28 Dr.M.N.Soman 2007-

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