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Coordinates: 12°2′0″N 75°30′0″E / 12.03333°N 75.50000°E / 12.03333; 75.50000Coordinates: 12°2′0″N 75°30′0″E / 12.03333°N 75.50000°E / 12.03333; 75.50000
Country India
 • OfficialMalayalam, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0460
ISO 3166 codeIN-KL
Vehicle registrationKL-59
Lok Sabha constituencyKannur

Sreekandapuram is a municipality in Kannur district, in the Indian state of Kerala.[1]


Sreekandapuram was historically ruled by the Mushika Kingdom.


Today, the municipality comes under the jurisdiction of the Taliparamba tehsil. The municipal office is situated in the town, on the bank of Sreekandapuram river, which flows into the Valapattanam River. The current president of the Sreekandapuram municipality chairman is Sri Ragavan


The nearest places to Sreekandapuram town are the city of Taliparamba, the towns of Iritty and Irikkur,and Koottumugham and the villages of Chempanthotty, Eruvessi, and Chengalayi.

The longest suspended rope bridge in Kannur district is situated at Kanhileri village, crossing the Valapattanam River, a major irrigation project is underway at Madampam. Work on a bridge across the river at Madampam is also in progress.


The town of Sreekandapuram has a mixed population of Muslims, Hindus and Christian. The Malik Dinar mosque is situated at Pazhayangadi, 1 km from the town, and the Pazhayangadi Manna is 2 km out of town on the Payyavoor Road.

A popular Hindu temple in the panchayat is the historic Ammakoottam Mahadevi temple. The temple was looted and destroyed by Tipu Sultan, and nothing remained of it but earth and stones covered by bushes up until the 1970s. The land on which it stood was owned by the local Muslim community leader, and when people living around the temple claimed to have witnessed the Devi's presence, it was handed over to local Hindu community leaders and a new temple was built.

Another important temple is the Sree Mahavishnu Temple located at Kottoor, 1 km away from Sreekandapuram near Iritty-Thaliparamba state highway. This temple is said to be over 600 years old and is also said to have been destroyed by Tipu Sulthan.It was later rebuilt. It is one among the rare Lord Vishnu temples which faces the west direction with 'vatta sreekovil'.'Punarprathishta Mahotsava' is celebrated every year in the first week of March. Thrikkadamba Sri.mahavishnu temple was also destroyed by Tippu and it is under reconstruction now. It is 4 km away from Sreekandapuram town in Thaliparamba -Iritty highway. LordShiva and Vishnu are equally worshiped here.Vayakkara KAVUis another important place to visit in Sreekandapuram panchayath. It is one of the important ecological place in the area.Vana sasthav is the idol of the 'kavu' and people pay their offerings there in high devotion.

Kunnathoorpadi Temple[edit]

Kunnathur Padi is the historic center for the folk Hindu deity Sree Muthappan. The center stands in the Kannur District of the Kerala state of safvan, 3,000 feet above sea level, on top of Udumbumala in the Sahyadri mountains. The Kunnathur Padi festival is conducted here, but no temple exists for Sree Muthappan. The festival takes place in a natural setting, as it is believed that Sree Muthappan said, "Fallen leaves, a spring, a large mountain, a round stone, forest and palm trees are enough for me." During the festival season, a temporary Madappura is erected, called Sreekovil, in the middle of the forest. There is a glade and a cave in the middle of the forest. On the west side of the Madappura is a stone, a rock stand and a mud platform. On each side of the cave there is a palm tree. On the north side, there is a spring called Thiruvankadavu. Beyond that is Aadipadi.

Educational Organizations[edit]

Marygiri School, Sreekandapuram
Vimal Jyothi Engineering College, Chemperi


The national highway passes through Taliparamba town. Mangalore and Mumbai can be accessed on the northern side and Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram can be accessed on the southern side. The road to the east connects to Mysore and Bangalore. The nearest railway station is Kannur on Mangalore-Palakkad line. There are airports at Mangalore and Calicut.

Suburbs and Villages[edit]