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The Constitution of the Principality of Serbia (Slavonic-Serbian: Уставъ Княжества Сербїе), known as the Sretenje Constitution, also known as Candlemas Constitution of 1835 (Serbian: Сретењски устав / Sretenjski ustav), was the supreme law, constitution, of the Principality of Serbia enforced in 1835. It was in effect only for two weeks due to opposition from the Ottoman Empire, Russia and Austria; the amendment came in 1838 with the adoption of the so-called Turkish Constitution (1838–69). The Sretenje Constitution was dubbed after the feast day of Sretenje (14–15 February), when it was voted for at the Kragujevac state assembly. It was written by Dimitrije Davidović (1789–1838), the royal secretary.


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